Updating Eclipse from Galileo to Indigo on Ubuntu 10.04 with Android SDK

Hello folks,
you probably know by now that I am working currently with Android using Ubuntu. On my laptop I still run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 😀 and had problem setting up the new Eclipse version Indigo in combination with the current Android SDK r17.
Now I found a way that is pretty simple if you also wanna update your Eclipse version. Continue reading

install Dropbox on a headless Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server

Hello folks,
in this post I would like to show you how easy it is to set up Dropbox on a Ubuntu server only using a ssh connection.

Ok, where to start. Hmm, first of all here is my setup:
I have a MiniITX mainboard with an Intel Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD running 24/7 (almost ^_^). This system serves my as NAT Router to separate my network from the LAN in the building I am living. I bought it 3-4 years ago and it was really worth its price and by the way, energy consumption is really low (< 15 Watt). This system runs a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server version and on this system I set up a Dropbox to have access to my account there too.

These sources were helpfull during my approach:

and basically this post is a mixture of both of them 😉
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Android AVD Manager

Hello there,
in this post I briefly explain how you can create new virtual device for your Android emulator on your computer.
If you wanna develop applications for Android and don’t have an Android mobile phone at hand, you can start with the emulator coming along with the Android SDK. By the way, you get the Android SDK for free here: https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

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Teaser: Saving Audio/(Video) from Youtube with Linux

Hello folks,

yesterday evening I felt exhausted from learning for my exam on Monday.  To relax a little I did some investigation on how to download video/audio from youtube and here is a first survey:


For some time I have bing using the tool “free youtube to mp3 converter” to download some audio tracks. This tool is really awesome BUT its major drawback: It is a Windows tool 😦 . Though I have dual boot on my notebook it is a solution but not a good one, cause most of the time I am running Linux Ubuntu.


To save videos from youtube (and similar platforms) I can recommend the Firefox AddOn Downloadhelper. Since it runs very reliable in Linux Firefox too, that is the best way for me here 🙂

So yesterday evening I was looking for a way to save audio only from youtube videos. I am close to a really cool solution which I will probably post here if it is working as smooth as I assume it should 😉

But for now I have to continue my studies for my exam. So stay tuned and come back to learn more about saving audio from youtube using Linux (and its commandline 😉 )


Fachzeitschriften und Prüfungsfragen

Hallo liebe Leser meines Blogs,

dieses mal hat sich die Hausaufgabe in zwei Teile gegliedert:

  • Konzeptionierung einer Prüfungsaufgabe zum Themengebiet 3 – Literaturrecherche
  • Blogeintrag zum Thema Fachzeitschriften

Aus diesem Grund (und wegen den Pfingstfeiertagen 😉 ) war die Bearbeitungszeit auch auf 2 Wochen angesetzt. Heute möchte ich meinen Blogeintrag verfassen und mich mit meinem Umgang von Fachzeitschriften auseinandersetzen. Continue reading

Ein ShellScript um Ordner anzulegen

Ich habe des öfteren die Situtation, das ich in einer Datei zeilenweise Ordnernamen stehen habe welche ich anlegen möchte. Da ein manuelles Anlegen sehr zeitaufwendig und unwirtschaftlich ist, habe ich mir für diesen Zweck ein kleines ShellScript, bzw. BashScript geschrieben.

while read line
	mkdir -p $line;

und für alle die wissen wollen, wie man fancy source code snippets in wordpress einfügen kann, ist hier der Link zur Beschreibung: http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/posting-source-code/

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