Pretty print XML trees in python

Hello Folks,

today I would like to share with you some python knowledge. I am fiddeling around with python and xml to generate HTTP Post messages. In this blog entry I describe in a brief way how you can create a xml structure and pretty print it.

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how to connect a python client to java server with TCP sockets

Hello folks,

this time I would like to share my knowledge about connecting a java server program with a python client program using TCP socket communication. Yesterday I spent quite a lot time to get this running, by reading several tutorials on socket programming but I only got java-java or python-python communication running smoothly.

Ok, my key problem was that java expects the end-of-line sign (EOL) in some way, that the python examples didn’t supply. It all depends on the combination of what kind of functions are used to read and write from and to the sockets. Continue reading