Android AVD Manager

Hello there,
in this post I briefly explain how you can create new virtual device for your Android emulator on your computer.
If you wanna develop applications for Android and don’t have an Android mobile phone at hand, you can start with the emulator coming along with the Android SDK. By the way, you get the Android SDK for free here:

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Master Thesis – Near Field Communication

Hello everybody,

I know its quite a while since I posted anything here on my webblog, but now I am working on a new project that is really exciting. I am dealing with NFC (Near Field Communication) in the context of my Master Thesis here at TU Munich. The last months I did research on this topic and found that this technique is quite old BUT this year (2012) a great breakthrough is predicted.

In the upcoming blogpost I am going to keep you up to date of the progress of my thesis and the interesting stuff I stumble upon 🙂 So if I draw your interesst please check back on my blog for more interessting stuff 😉

cheers 😉