Build gridlab-d v3.2 on Linux

Hello everybody,

it was very silent on my blog during the last year, but today I would like to share some insight on how to compile gridlab-d on a Linux x64 platform. This software can be used to simulate the power flow in a power grid and I had to deal with it during some projects I currently work on. Continue reading

First steps with my Nucleo-F401RE

Hi folks,

today I wanna share my first experiences with my new gadget, a STM32 Nucleo-F401RE ( I got mine when I visited Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg this year, but you can order one online for about 10€, e.g. from

In this post I share how I got started and how to get a first “Hello World” program running.

Nucleo-F401RE with mbed online IDE

Nucleo-F401RE with mbed online IDE

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SWT fix for Java Protocol Analyzer

Hello Folks,

I am currently working on some reverse engineering of wireless protocols of home automation systems, and sooner or later you encounter the point where you need some kind of protocol analyzer to understand what the devices are exchanging in their communication. More infos on that will follow some time later, but now I would like to share a short advice/fix for a tool I found. It is called “Protocol Analyzer” and right, it can be used to understand the signals the devices are exchanging.

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Android on Acer Iconia W500P Tab

Hello Folks,
today I would like to share some interesting facts about Android on a Acer Iconia Tab W500P. I happen to have access to such a Tab today. On this Tab there is Windows 7 installed by default. Hmm, and Windows 7 is not a operation system optimized for touch input, in my opinion.

So I did a little research on how to get Android running on this tab. Continue reading

Panels in Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome Classic

Hello fellows,

during the last two day I spent my leisure time to set up the current Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop. I used Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for quite a long time, but now I backed up all my files and installed the latest version. I liked Ubuntu 10.04 a lot, the Gnome 2 Desktop was very handy and the nice graphic features were awesome. I had the 3D cube to manage my four workspaces and the wobbly window effect, so basically the nice things you can easily set up and use with Compiz.

The latest version of Ubuntu comes along with desktop manager Unity, which I don’t like very much. All the known features are gone and it is more clumsy to handle.

Here I would like to write about what I did to get the Gnome 2 feeling I am used to from Ubuntu 10.04 back to Ubuntu 12.10.

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Download Android install files *.apk from

Hello fellows of my blog,

this time I wanna give you a brief description how you can download (free) Android programs (*.apk) files directly to your PC. From there you can install them on your device. You would need that in case your Android device has no internet connection, by what reason ever.

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Ein ShellScript um Ordner anzulegen

Ich habe des öfteren die Situtation, das ich in einer Datei zeilenweise Ordnernamen stehen habe welche ich anlegen möchte. Da ein manuelles Anlegen sehr zeitaufwendig und unwirtschaftlich ist, habe ich mir für diesen Zweck ein kleines ShellScript, bzw. BashScript geschrieben.

while read line
	mkdir -p $line;

und für alle die wissen wollen, wie man fancy source code snippets in wordpress einfügen kann, ist hier der Link zur Beschreibung:

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