How to change Facebook updates from friends

Hello Fellows,

just a quick hint about Facebook from me:

Recently I accidentally changed the updates from one of my friends in the timeline, so I only saw very little status messages of him. You know, each message displayed in your news feed has this little drop down menu in the top right corner. Ok, it seems that Facebook has changed the options available there, but when I clicked there, I was able to choose between three different options:

  • show all updates
  • show most of the updates
  • show only the important updates

(This are maybe not the correct formulations, but I think you get the meaning).

Now how to reset these settings?

Check your friends Facebook profile and click on the Button indicating you friendship status, see the following picture, and select there “Settings”.

Change Facebook News feed

Figure 1: find settings to change news feed of friend

The menu changes to the one shown in Figure 2. There you can now select what kind of messages you wanna receive from your friend.

set new news feed settings

Figure 2: update settings of news feed

Hope this is help to someone.
cheers 😉


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  1. Hands off from facebook!!!
    have you noticed the stock chart of face book? well, most buyers now found that there is nothing substantial to sell/buy with facebook, so the price of one facebook share went down…. and will go down even more. once again= hands off….

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