Teaser: Saving Audio/(Video) from Youtube with Linux

Hello folks,

yesterday evening I felt exhausted from learning for my exam on Monday.  To relax a little I did some investigation on how to download video/audio from youtube and here is a first survey:


For some time I have bing using the tool “free youtube to mp3 converter” to download some audio tracks. This tool is really awesome BUT its major drawback: It is a Windows tool 😦 . Though I have dual boot on my notebook it is a solution but not a good one, cause most of the time I am running Linux Ubuntu.


To save videos from youtube (and similar platforms) I can recommend the Firefox AddOn Downloadhelper. Since it runs very reliable in Linux Firefox too, that is the best way for me here 🙂

So yesterday evening I was looking for a way to save audio only from youtube videos. I am close to a really cool solution which I will probably post here if it is working as smooth as I assume it should 😉

But for now I have to continue my studies for my exam. So stay tuned and come back to learn more about saving audio from youtube using Linux (and its commandline 😉 )